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Do You Want To List REOs NOW?..(Here is EXACTLY How-To List REOs)

Our firm. Topkins & Bevans, does a significant number of REO representations in Massachusetts.

This is a fantastic “how-to” list and I am going toptu it up on my firm;s blog Topkins & Bevans Blog commercial jumping castles.

Elliott Topkins

The feedback after last weeks Harris Real Estate University Superstar Interview has been amazing,……

We interviewed the President of Excellen, Cary Sternberg. Mr. Sternberg was very generous with not only his time but, his candor when answering the questions.

As you may know HREU has had a close working relationship with Titanium for years. 

(Excellen is a division of Titanium Solutions Inc.)

If you missed the live interivew…no worries…here is the link for you to listen to the replay.

Agents, know this…its NOT too late for you to become a REO listing agent. Asset managers are looking for listing agents now. Learn how to become a REO listing agent the FREE Agent REO Secret video and download the FREE Agent REO Secrets book NOW!

Here are a few of the notes that Julie and I wrote down from this interview….

Top 17 Ways to Keep Your Asset Managers Happy!



1      Practice Excellent Communication:  Call, email asset managers often. Be available during normal working hours. Market your homes using

2      Have Timely Responses: Make it so the Asset Managers can easily reach you…not your voice mail…not your assistant..YOU!

3      Operate on both a personal and professional level:  Cary made a great point….’Treat every asset as if it were your OWN home”.

4      Do not delegate your asset manager relationships to any staff members. Asset Managers are your best sellers (remember, they will often list 10-20…50 homes with you. Treat them like GOLD.

5      YOU..the listing agent must know the asset. You must know all of your listings cold…know their condition…market competition…know the market!

6      Practice MMFI for every asset manager. ‘MMFI’  Make Me Feel Important. Make them FEEL like they are your only client.

7      KNOW your inventory. Cary made it clear that you must know the market. Don’t list outside of your service area.

8      Its OK to bring in a team member to help partner with you….but, introduce this person to the Asset Manager…let them know that this team member is their personal asset manager contact.

9      Be a Problem Solver, not a Problem delegator. Don’t tell the Asset Managers about the problem….bring them the solution.

10   Be innovative. When doing an occupancy check..ask the neighbors…walk around the house. Actually…make an effort! 11   TAKE ACTION

Learn how to become a REO listing agent the FREE Agent REO Secret video and download the FREE Agent REO Secrets book NOW!

12   Treat it as if it’s YOUR HOUSE. Don’t wait to be told what to do. Again, treat every asset as if it were your own personal property.

13   Get occupancy checks back in HOURS, not in DAYS. They track this….you will earn more assets the faster you report back to the Asset Manager about occupancy.

14   Maintain low Days on the Market. They track your DOM….Warning: you will lose the asset if you don’t sell it in 90-120 days.

15   List to sell price ration. BPO vs. actual SALE PRICE should be a close ratio.

16   What works needs to be done? Get it into Lend-able condition ASAP.

17   Do your Cash for Keys correctly.  Know the Tenant Protection Act.

Closing a Deal is Like Catching a Fish–Leave As Little as You Can to “Chance”

We all marvel at the “deal-makers”, those people who we deal with, and envy, every day because their deals get done; their paydays really happen. After more than 41 years of practicing law in Massachusetts, I have learned the following things about closing deals, and I thought I would share them with you:

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     1. Deal Makers Have a Healthy Sense of Paranoia. They can see problems before they surface. They have decision trees in their minds well before the decision needs to be made. They are pro-active because the have thought through the ocnsequences of the deal for each participant. How much dose the Seller need to sell? How would delay affect the chemistry of the deal? What things can the “deak maker” do in advanec which will combat aribitrary or selfish behavior on the part of someone else in the deal?

     2. Dea

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